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Owner Operator & Equipment Lease Agreement

This Agreement made and entered into this day of



herein after known as and referred to as "EQUIPMENT OWNER" and "EQUIPMENT OPERATOR" and CATAPULT LOGISTICS LLC , DOT # 2918961, herein after known as and referred to as "MOTOR CARRIER."

Whereas MOTOR CARRIER is a common carrier and is engaged in transporting commodities, merchandise, and property requiring similar specialized equipment and handling for hire throughout the United States using Motor vehicles owned and operated by others; and Whereas, EQUIPMENT OWNER is the OWNER of certain motor vehicle equipment but doesn’t desire to operate the said equipment, and the EQUIPMENT OPERATOR is a driver who holds A commercial driver License issued by any state in the USA who agrees to partner with the EQUIPMENT OWNER as an independent contractor who desires to operate the said Equipment for the purpose of creating a profit. And whereas, it is the desire of the parties to this agreement that the EQUIPMENT OWNER and the EQUIPMENT OPERATOR to lease the truck equipment to the MOTOR CARRIER.

Now, therefore, the EQUIPMENT OWNER and EQUIPMENT OPERATOR as independent contractors, both agree to lease said motor vehicle equipment to the MOTOR CARRIER, and the MOTOR CARRIER hereby acknowledges the leasing of said equipment. In consideration of the promises and covenants herein contained, the parties do agree.

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