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About Us

Catapult Logistics - Your Timely, Efficient & Reliable 3PL partner!


Our desire is to serve our customers and partners with dedication and professionalism, to conduct business in a manner that adds value and improve efficiencies at every level of the logistical process.


​CATAPULT LOGISTICS LLC implements a three tiered approach to its 3PL operation: As an over the road carrier, an LTL warehousing partner and next generation logistical software solutions provider.

We offer competitive rates, competent customer care through a team of seasoned Logistics experts and a superb record of satisfaction with our customers and partners alike.

If you desire to partner with a company that goes beyond the traditional logistics provider's solutions, CATAPULT LOGISTICS LLC is here for you - wherever life takes you, we will get you there in a timely manner, more efficiently and you can always count on us as a reliable and stable partner.

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1201 N Watson Rd #236, Arlington, TX 76006, USA |  Tel: 817 422 9308

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